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Don’t Call It Pizza!

It’s ‘Pinsa’, Not ‘Pizza’

Today we’re introducing Pinsa Romana to Buon Apps, and perhaps for the first time into the North of England.

Pinsa, (from the Latin ‘to stretch’), is an ancient Roman recipe. Water, millet, barley and oats were mixed to form a flatbread and cooked on hot ashes and stone.

Today Pinsa is a hand-made oval dough of high-grade wheat, soy and rice flours, water, a little salt and a variety of toppings, Pinsa Romana is healthy, light on the inside and has crispy edges. It’s organic, mostly gluten free, easy to digest and quite simply delicious! Just don’t call it Pizza!

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What We're Doing About Our Building Alarm

Update 2 October 2018: Spider-friendly sensors (yes, really!) have now been fitted and seem to have solved the problem. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully this will be the last of this particular problem.

We're aware that our building alarm has been triggered overnight on several occasions recently, causing disturbance to local residents and neighbours. Our sincere apologies for this; we do not wish to be a nuisance. 

The system has no faults; the cause has been identified as an explosion in the spider population crawling over the external sensors, triggering the alarm. We're working with our providers to find a solution. 

Thank you for your patience; we want this to be resolved as quickly as you do.


“ a sturdy reliable Italian … they do it all very well.”

Jay Rayner in The Observer, 23 September 2018


"... hearty, traditional, Italian food cooked properly, with more time spent on the taste of the plates than the look of them."

Yorkshire Evening Post. Image courtesy of Mark Bickerdike.


"Buon Apps is heartily recommended."

Yorkshire Evening Post. Image courtesy of Tony Johnson.