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Review left on ResDiary April 2019

Review left on ResDiary April 2019

A review left on ResDiary in March 2019.

A review left on ResDiary in March 2019.

Google Review - March 2019

Google Review - March 2019

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Great food served by a lovely team. Fantastic location and atmosphere.
— https://www.resdiary.com/restaurant/buonapps

My wife and I met a friend here for a relaxed festive lunch and spent a very pleasant and happy four hours or so having yet another wonderful dining experience.

Alessandro and all of his staff at BA are fabulous friendly people and they never ever disappoint us, serving up magnificent food and wine from their superb authentic menus to enjoy at your leisure.

BA is simply the best Italian restaurant in the area which is why we have been regular visitors for a number of years now and hope to carry on dining there for many years to come! Grazie mille to Alessandro and all of the hard working staff who make BA the consistently superior dining experience that it is.

Happy New Year to all of you!!

Kindest regards

Richard, Lorraine and Keith.
— https://www.resdiary.com/restaurant/buonapps

In The Press


“ a sturdy reliable Italian … they do it all very well.”

Jay Rayner in The Observer, 23 September 2018


"... hearty, traditional, Italian food cooked properly, with more time spent on the taste of the plates than the look of them."

Yorkshire Evening Post. Image courtesy of Mark Bickerdike.


"Buon Apps is heartily recommended."

Yorkshire Evening Post. Image courtesy of Tony Johnson.