Thank You

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As anybody in the area will know, Otley had some problems with flooding yesterday. The river was extremely high and burst its bank.

Without the help of locals the restaurant was in danger of being flooded. Alas we don’t know the names of all who helped so can’t thank you all personally. 

But we did have help from Phil Jamieson from Jamieson Heating, Councillor Jackie Brown and her family, Richard & Matthew Houldsworth, B&TS a local company who supplied sand bags, Gregor Kowalski, Richard Thomas Phillips from Otley Flood Response Team, Buon Apps staff and many other people who stopped by to help. Thank you so very much!

What a great community Otley has and is!

It’s all under control now & some lessons have been learned. A discussion on the flood defence scheme will be top priority this week with those who have an interest and are responsible. 

The level of the river has dropped dramatically so we are safe now.

Service continued unaffected inside and the staff did a great job to be keep the convivial spirit high.

From Elena and I, thank you everybody. 


David Potts